To strengthen the internal management and play the role of collective leadership better, major issues should be decided by the leading group.

II. Discussion Content

1.Implement major work deployment and decisions of the group;

2.Reform proposal of internal management system, organization structuring, personnel and distribution, operation contracting proposal and annual contracting reward distribution proposal;

3.Major decision problems of project approval, investment, assignment, joint capital and project retreat during development and operation ;

4. Discuss and decide the selection, employment, dismissal, transfer and reward of cadres above department manager and chief and assistant leaders of affiliations according to corporate principle;

5. Formulation, amendment and abolishment of major rules and regulations related to internal management work;

6. Discuss and deliberate annual work report and work plan;

7. Put forward request for instructions to the group and the board of directors of the company;

8. Other major issues that the leading group considers must discuss and decide.