Company Philosophy: Credible Operation, Scientific Management, Continuous Innovation, Advance with Times

Business Philosophy: Make Satisfactory Products, Create Win-win Situation

Service Philosophy: One-stop Service (Pre-sales, Sales, After-sales Service)

Service Philosophy: One-stop Service (Pre-sales, Sales, After-sales Service)

Business Administration: Scientific Management, People Orientation, Common Construction, HarmonyKAI YUAN

Quality Policy: Reinforced Management, Customer Foremost, Elaborate Operation, Credit First

The company focuses on training well-qualified staff team, builds good corporate image, emphasizes harmonious labor relation in business administration and cares for people. The company establishes good system for various talents to give play to their skills, respects the knowledge and talent in the form of “preserve people by cause, system and affection”, and insists on the foothold of finding training and using excellent talent. The Trade Union takes charge of culture construction, strengthens staff training, establishes staff activity place, and develops various free time activities systematically, so that the staff can work honestly, strive for innovation and get along harmoniously to form united, progressive and positive working environment.